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Peace At Last

Having spent session one identifying our anxieties, and session two examining a range of ‘secret strategies’ for struggling with stress, this final pre-Parish-Retreat session offers Peace At Last.  Both Middle & High School groups will be interviewing their own guest who has wrestled with anxieties and can share what God has shared with them. This is … Continue reading Peace At Last

Food News

Middle Schoolers (6.30-8.30 on Friday) can look forward to an ice cream bar and fruit. Parents gathering for the 6.30-8.30 Friday night Parenting Teenagers Course will enjoy the finest snacks that Trader Joes has to offer, with tea & coffee etc. Sign up here! High Schoolers (4-6pm on Saturday) are invited back to my house afterwards where … Continue reading Food News


“Hearing other parents is reassuring, and finding the tools to use is brilliant.” The Parenting Teenagers Course is a series of five sessions designed to help parents and carers of 11 to 18-year-olds equip their teenagers for life by looking at: – Keeping the End in Mind – Meeting our Teenagers’ Needs – Setting Boundaries … Continue reading TPTC

We Start This Weekend! RSVP

Friday (6.30-8.30pm) and Saturday (4-6pm) offer our first regular Youth Groups of the fall! This session and the two following are part of our ‘Looking forward to Laurelville’ series (pictured). Coming? Please RSVP here Parents willing to volunteer to bring snacks / cookies / donuts for a meeting at some point this fall? Please click here, and … Continue reading We Start This Weekend! RSVP