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Banding together

I’m excited for tonight’s Livestream from 6.45pm… Wes, Leah and Natalie return to the Old Cats ‘studio’, where we now have not one, not two, but three camera angles! We will enjoy the WORLD PREMIERE of a CAYG-composed and produced opening musical sequence before the 7pm countdown. You may have seen the teaser to Wes’ … Continue reading Banding together


How’s it going with Kelsey’s two-part Contemplative Challenge this week? I am appreciating how starting the day by Journaling stuff I’m thankful for helps me begin everything more positively. I am also learning to be more honest with God in my journal, from which I expect to be more honest with others! Thankfully my writing … Continue reading Teaser

Near Easter

Holy Week, Batman! Yup, it has been a strange lent. And for more Dad jokes check out this PRAYER WALK PRACTICE panel discussion video that Leah, Sam and I made and is now on YouTube. This is also designed to give you some good ideas so you have a go yourself! This is the first … Continue reading Near Easter