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Bored? Sad?

How can we learn to receive solitude and simplicity as a gift? Tune in on Sunday night (6.45pm-7:30pm) and hear Jess share the ‘Ascetic’ pathway to draw near to God. The eighth of our nine episodes in this series. Sigh. But for a little entertainment, and with the hope of winning a $10 online gift … Continue reading Bored? Sad?

Get Outside!

We are excited to share Alex Randall’s presentation on the Naturalist pathway tonight, as part of episode seven of our Nine ways to draw NEAR to God. Only two left after tonight! Sob. In which Pittsburgh park was this film made? Tune in to the YouTube livestream (search CAYG) from 6.45pm tonight. Pre-show silliness leads … Continue reading Get Outside!


Hey! I am so thankful for the Livestream team and the volunteer small group leaders who continue to do a great job in this difficult time.  You can rewatch Sunday night’s episode (6 of 9, focusing on The Enthusiast Pathway to God) here. Congrats to Lucy Sams who answered last week’s questions correctly and whose … Continue reading Enthusiastic?


On Sunday night we will celebrate the “Moms of CAYG who… run magazines; make amazing brownies and grill bread; love Australian shepherd puppies; are supportive of everything I do; are fun and spontaneous and strong in their faith; have inspired me to be more confident about my body…” just to include some of the anonymous … Continue reading MOMS of CAYG

Win $10!

A $10 Gift Certificate (of your choice, from Giant Eagle’s online menu, to your email address) to a lucky someone who emails me the correct answers to these FIVE easy questions from last Sunday’s livestream before midnight on FRIDAY! What did Wes say immediately before being whacked in the face with a plastic ball from … Continue reading Win $10!

Banding together

I’m excited for tonight’s Livestream from 6.45pm… Wes, Leah and Natalie return to the Old Cats ‘studio’, where we now have not one, not two, but three camera angles! We will enjoy the WORLD PREMIERE of a CAYG-composed and produced opening musical sequence before the 7pm countdown. You may have seen the teaser to Wes’ … Continue reading Banding together


How’s it going with Kelsey’s two-part Contemplative Challenge this week? I am appreciating how starting the day by Journaling stuff I’m thankful for helps me begin everything more positively. I am also learning to be more honest with God in my journal, from which I expect to be more honest with others! Thankfully my writing … Continue reading Teaser