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Breaking news! The room packed with middle and high schoolers at today’s leadership lunch were overwhelmingly clear in their preference for returning to the old pattern of Middle Schoolers on a Friday and High Schoolers on a Sunday. So that will be our pattern when we regather on September 9 (Friday: Grades 6-8) and September … Continue reading U-Turn!

Join me in 105

Hello! This Sunday’s leadership lunch (12.30-2pm) has been moved from the New Cats up to room 105 (off the glass corridor), which will be our ‘home from home’ while the usual Youth space (the ‘old Cats’) out of commission. If you haven’t yet signed up, there is still time! CAYG-ers and adult volunteers are both … Continue reading Join me in 105

Just 19

Alex BH, fresh back from Sabbatical, telling you there are just 19 days to the first CAYG gathering of the fall! Sign up here if you plan to be involved! I’m praying for everyone going back to school, and we always wait till after the Labor Day weekend before gathering the volunteer team and CAYG-ers … Continue reading Just 19

Mission Trip!

HELLOOOOOO Dear Readers!!! How are we all this fine Friday afternoon? How’s your week been? Mine has been grand: Returned from Harrisburg last Friday, immediately cranked out the final doctoral assignments I hadn’t managed to finish before the trip, turned in my last book report Sunday at “midnight” (Monday, 2am), and proceeded to experience the … Continue reading Mission Trip!

Leaving for Harrisburg!

Hello, dear readers!! How are folks this fine Wednesday evening? I am doing well- doing my utmost to finish my doctoral homework before heading to Harrisburg with our mission team… and speaking of heading out: A concerned CAYG parent contacted me today asking about when I’m moving? She couldn’t recall exactly where she thought she … Continue reading Leaving for Harrisburg!

Open Hand Ministries!

Hello, dear readers! How are you all this fine Wednesday? I am well. Ramping up to begin one of the largest cupcake orders of my life this weekend, cranking out book reports, and trying to clean the apartment before the Harrisburg team leaves in 2 weeks! There aren’t any CAYG events, but here are some … Continue reading Open Hand Ministries!