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Mission Trip!

HELLOOOOOO Dear Readers!!! How are we all this fine Friday afternoon? How’s your week been? Mine has been grand: Returned from Harrisburg last Friday, immediately cranked out the final doctoral assignments I hadn’t managed to finish before the trip, turned in my last book report Sunday at “midnight” (Monday, 2am), and proceeded to experience the … Continue reading Mission Trip!

Leaving for Harrisburg!

Hello, dear readers!! How are folks this fine Wednesday evening? I am doing well- doing my utmost to finish my doctoral homework before heading to Harrisburg with our mission team… and speaking of heading out: A concerned CAYG parent contacted me today asking about when I’m moving? She couldn’t recall exactly where she thought she … Continue reading Leaving for Harrisburg!

Open Hand Ministries!

Hello, dear readers! How are you all this fine Wednesday? I am well. Ramping up to begin one of the largest cupcake orders of my life this weekend, cranking out book reports, and trying to clean the apartment before the Harrisburg team leaves in 2 weeks! There aren’t any CAYG events, but here are some … Continue reading Open Hand Ministries!

CAYG on Father’s Day!

Good morning, dear readers! I hope this email finds you well! This (pre-scheduled) email will likely find me still unconscious because I JUST finished my 2 JuneTerm intensives! As such, I’m afraid you’ll have to go one more week without my wonderfully humorous intros and out-ros because this newsletter is the only thing standing between … Continue reading CAYG on Father’s Day!