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7 Days Left

And who is winning the ‘most referred youth’ race to that $50 gift card (individual) and $60 gift card (team)? Out in front for the individual prize, neck and neck, are Leila G and Ella N (2 orders each). The teams straining towards the finish line are Maddalenas and the Harshbargers (2 orders each). Final … Continue reading 7 Days Left

Kahoot this Friday!

As the rate of COVID infections continue to rise, our Friday Porch Pods will be meeting this Friday via zoom. And our Kahoot! account comes in very handy at times like this, as we will press into a fun and mildly competitive review of our Bible overview enjoyed together on Porch Pods this fall. So … Continue reading Kahoot this Friday!

Lovely Vacation?

Why yes we did! Thanks for asking. But happy to be back, especially now the weather has returned to the 70s for a couple of days. Looking forward to Porch Pods this weekend! Middle schoolers on Friday, 7-8:30pm. High schoolers on Sunday, 7-8:30-ish-pm. The next Senior Squad brunch is Saturday October 31, which also happens … Continue reading Lovely Vacation?

3 Things.

Hello! Thanks to Maribeth Hagley for providing an absolute feast for the CAYG team on Friday night! And thanks to Bryan, Christy, Danyel and Becky for signing up for four of the remaining six slots! If you want to join this esteemed company and seize one of the last two cooking positions, do so via … Continue reading 3 Things.

You Cook?

I’m so thankful for all those involved in our fourteen live (and one virtual) Porch Pods this weekend! I’m not just talking about the eighty five folks in various locations, but also thankful for the parents who drove, the porch hosts who swept, provided water and turned on their pretty lights, and the neighbors who … Continue reading You Cook?