Coming up!

It Is Time!

Ok, so the picture above might give a clue as to which Christmas Classic has been remade by one of our high school movie teams. See them both this Friday, if you registered for dinner! $10 suggested donation per adult appetite. Please find below: The Schedule Packing List. Dinner: Guest List (we say goodbye to … Continue reading It Is Time!

On The Guest List?

CAYG this weekend (Friday, 6:30-8:30pm for Middle Schoolers, Sunday 6-8:30pm for High Schoolers). Normal times, but special program preparing for our Christmas Dinner and Overnight on Friday 13th. Thrilled with how much progress the high school movie teams made last Sunday! Dinner Guest List.¬†Given the limits of space, we again have a waitlist for our … Continue reading On The Guest List?

Soon Upon Us

Yes, Thanksgiving is still next week, but our Christmas celebration will soon be upon us! Glad that 60+ have already signed up for the dinner, so parents, CAYG-ers and leaders shouldn’t delay to RSVP here. The Parish Hall has a definite limit on how many we can seat, and we maxed out last year! Final … Continue reading Soon Upon Us

Credo Returns

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the beautiful conversations at Let’s Talk About last weekend. We return to our series on the Apostles’ Creed this weekend, with just two more sessions left before our Thanksgiving Break. Here is an outline of the CAYG schedule for the rest of 2019. Christmas Wreaths! Thanks to everyone … Continue reading Credo Returns