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Three Months

The next three months of CAYG in a single graphic. I’ll explain more below. Esther After Easter continues this Friday and Sunday. 6.30-8.30pm. Saturday May 15 involves the 9am Training Ride from Ascension for the D.C. Bike Team, returning at 10.30am and the 11-12.30pm Senior Squad Brunch in the courtyard.. Sunday May 16 includes the … Continue reading Three Months

No Sunday CAYG

Mother’s Day! Full disclosure; still a bit short-sighted when it comes to planning CAYG alongside major national cultural events (Mothering Sunday in England is back in March). So no CAYG tomorrow night. But here is the good news. Mama Sparks (pictured), who shared an awesome message with the Middle Schoolers on Friday, is happy to … Continue reading No Sunday CAYG

Come and Support!

Save the Date: Eva and Johanna are getting confirmed at Ascension in the 11am tent service on Sunday May 16. Everyone is welcome to register for that Sunday service (from Monday 10th), especially everyone else in their cohort who was confirmed last summer in the courtyard! Also, as we are emerging more confidently towards regular … Continue reading Come and Support!

Sweet Music

Everyone in PA aged 16 and over is eligible for a vaccine! That’s music to my ears! Also, Sunday night may feature Wes and some of our high school musicians leading us in a song or hymn under the stars at the end of CAYG! Any requests? Just ping me an email or a text … Continue reading Sweet Music

Final Chance

CAYG returns this weekend! If you want to join us, please do register before noon tomorrow (Wednesday April 14). What is the format? Fridays. Wearing your mask, please come to the Kitchen Door entrance (Ellsworth parking lot) of Ascension (4729 Ellsworth Ave) at 6.30pm. I will let you in through that red door, take your … Continue reading Final Chance

Last of Series

This weekend concludes our ‘I AM’ series. Don’t miss it! Friday 6:30-8:30pm, Sunday 6:30-8:30pm (high school early birds get pizza outside at 6pm) Sign up for Ascension’s 9am Palm Sunday service outside on the lawn under the tent! Will there be a real live donkey? You bet! Or join us for the 11am Palm Sunday … Continue reading Last of Series