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Turn up the Heat!

My dear readers! Hello! As you doubtlessly figured out within 2 sentences of last week’s newsletter, I was NOT here to send you our weekly updates. But now I’M BACK FROM VACATION!! And after the insanity of last semester (and the frantic catching up of all homework once my broken hands healed parenthesis I realized … Continue reading Turn up the Heat!


DEAR READERS! HAPPY WEEK AFTER CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE, and WE ARE GETTING OUR MONEY’S WORTH OUT OF OUR GROUP PHOTO!!!! (Special shout out to all the youth pictured who were so patient that day as we took multiple shots with seasonal hats, banners…) Alex and I were reflecting on this past year and … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Looking forward to seeing everyone [who registered] from 630pm. CAYG-ers can be dropped off* at either Ellsworth or Neville lot entrance, and should bring their Overnight bags to the parish hall. Packing list and schedule can be found here. *Pre-COVID, we had a big Christmas feast with parents, volunteers and CAYG-ers filling the Parish Hall, … Continue reading Tonight!

Overnight B4Xmas Registration!

Good afternoon, dear readers! How are you this… mid 50s… December… day… While I’m thrilled it’s warmed up, at seminary today everyone was complaining that the classrooms were colder than the December outdoors. Anyway, let’s enjoy the “warm” while we can, and talk WINTER THINGS!!!! 🌼🌸🌷🌸🌼 Wreath Sales Complete! First off, a giant WELL DONE … Continue reading Overnight B4Xmas Registration!

Advent CAYG

Hello hello, dear readers! Kelsey here with your weekly snark and CAYG updates! How was your Thanksgiving Week? Mine was lovely- I celebrated once with friends and once with family and managed to avoid eating pie BOTH evenings without causing a fight!! (When you admit to not liking pie people take it as a personal insult … Continue reading Advent CAYG