Neville Pick-Up

HELLO DEAR READERS! How are you this fine, blue-skied, sunny day?? I’m great- finger splints are officially OFF and NOW I get to find out if it’s humanely possible to write 5 graduate-level papers in 4 weeks! (If not, I will settle for inhumane, but humane is nearly always my first choice.) 🌼🌸🌷🌸🌼 1. Saturday, … Continue reading Neville Pick-Up

This Sunday

Looking forward to seeing everyone back this Sunday, when the connection between CAYG and the featured photo above can be explained. Pizza from 6pm, CAYG starting at 6.30pm and finishing at 6.30pm. Wreaths! Just over three weeks left to get your orders in. Paper forms will be available at the back of the 9am and … Continue reading This Sunday

This weekend

Thanks to everyone who has already RSVP’d for my Ordination at 10am on Saturday! You can always just turn up for the service, but if anyone would need childcare, or are planning on staying for the Luncheon following, please do click here. It will also be livestreamed here. CAYG is at the same time, same … Continue reading This weekend

Inside Tonight

Due to the WONDERFUL More Than Stones event in the Nave and Parish Hall from 5-7.30pm and the TERRIBLE weather we are expecting tonight, CAYG will be using some different spaces. Here is what it means to you. Drop off, pick up, and pizza will be at the GLASS DOORS at the Neville Entrance parking … Continue reading Inside Tonight

A few RSVP’s

Good afternoon, dear readers! How is everyone these days? I’m doing fairly well- Apart from a broken finger on each hand rendering all house chores and homework impossible, I can’t complain too much parentheses anyway you can hardly tell I’m relying nearly solely on voice to text dictation parentheses. Fortunately for me, Alex gave so … Continue reading A few RSVP’s

CAYG Music Team

Play an instrument? Like to sing? Want to join the music team? I’m very thankful for Wesley Williams and the musicians currently leading our final song on a Sunday night. They are happy to welcome new voices and instrumentalists! Let me know if you’re interested and come to our next rehearsal this Sunday at 5.15pm … Continue reading CAYG Music Team