Bike Trip Updates!!

Due to Kelsey completely forgetting busy summer schedule, the first email update was never created. So now you have twice the fun photos! Because Alex was doubtlessly biking as he emailed me, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in these photos. BUT having volunteered with CAYG for 6+ years AND having ridden a bike … Continue reading Bike Trip Updates!!

Today: The last one.

Join us (and pizza) tonight from 6-8:30pm for the last of our ‘Better Together’ series with the Bennetts! August will be spent planning the 2021-2022 CAYG series, and we look to return after Labor Day weekend in September. Thanks so much for being faithfully with us over these last fifteen months since COVID shut down … Continue reading Today: The last one.

Pool Parties! Romance!

Never clicked so hard on a CAYG email before, huh? (We should have started titling our emails like this years ago…) Happy Wednesday, E’rybody!! What a wonderful time together this past Sunday! The rain could not dampen our spirits, and the thunder could not drown out the racket we have an inherent skill for creating! … Continue reading Pool Parties! Romance!


“No CAYG July 4th.”– A drama, by Kelsey. *Curtains open. Kelsey is habitually organizing something. Youth/Parent of CAYG enters stage R.* Youth/Parent of CAYGIs CAYG meeting Sunday, 4th of July? KelseyNo. Youth/ParentAny other events this week? KelseyNope! Enjoy the week off, we’ll see you July 11! Youth/ParentBut… I’ll miss you! KelseyAwww bless! You’re welcome to … Continue reading NO CAYG 4th OF JULY!

June News

Better Together starts this Sunday! 6.30-8.30pm under the Big Tent. Pizza available at 6pm. Masks are NOT required when outside, but in the case of very bad weather we will relocate inside (the New Cats) in which case masks ARE required. So please bring one anyway. And please bring a beach towel to create a … Continue reading June News