CAYG Cancelled

I tested negative this morning, but got two positives this afternoon. The 5-6pm Harrisburg Team meeting with the Bennetts and Harrison is still on, in the Parish Hall, pizza provided, but CAYG and the Parents Gathering are cancelled. So sad to finish out the academic year like this, but thankful we got this far! And … Continue reading CAYG Cancelled


Please let me know if so! I am still planning on CAYG this Sunday, but if I hear that lots of CAYG-ers and volunteer leaders are COVID positive, that might have to change… I know that three great volunteer leaders are already out (including the usual author of CAYG news – sadly I can’t summon … Continue reading Got COVID?

You May Ask Begins!

Hello hello, Dear Readers! How are you this BEAUTIFUL sunny day! I am generally doing much better since last we spoke! My forced “br-ay-k” was filled with gardening, baking cupcakes, taking down my Christmas tree, and taking my chonky cat Rosie on her first walk of the year. It’s really cute because at first she’s … Continue reading You May Ask Begins!

Saturday: Church, Lasagna Dinner, AND Marathon Overnight!

Hello hello dear readers!!! How are you all in this, the downward spiral of our typical Pittsburgh yo-yo weather? Here’s a fun fact I learned today: Apparently when volcanoes erupt, static electricity can fire through the ash and other particles, creating volcanic lighting. As the heat and residue swirls, it can THEN create ash and/or … Continue reading Saturday: Church, Lasagna Dinner, AND Marathon Overnight!

Need service hours?

Ascension’s Children’s Choir (directed by my lovely wife) is looking for helpers. They rehearse in Ascension’s room 104 on the following six Saturday mornings from 10-11am. Email me to find out more if you’re interested. April 2nd, April 9th & April 23rd (with cellist) – leading the congregation on Sunday April 24th. May 7th, 14th, 21st … Continue reading Need service hours?